pexels pixabay 264636SPRINGFIELD – With support from State Senator Suzy Glowiak Hilton, a new Illinois law ensures customers know their discounts when supermarkets put products on sale.

“When shoppers check out at the supermarket, they don’t always see the sale price of an item on the screen during a transaction,” said Glowiak Hilton (D-Western Springs). “This new law ensures transparency in the check-out line and aims to improve consumer protections.”

While retailers provide notice of discounts through various methods such as receipts, in-store promotions, advertisements, and price tags, there is nothing written in Illinois law concerning how prices and discounts are displayed during checkout. 

To ensure shoppers receive their discount, Glowiak Hilton supported House Bill 2910 to require supermarkets to show both the regular and sale prices of items as they are rung up.

With the governor’s signature, the new law takes effect immediately.