04212021HAO0682SPRINGFIELD – More survivors of violent crime would be able to keep their home addresses private as participants in the Illinois Address Confidentiality Program (ACP) under a proposal from State Senator Suzy Glowiak Hilton (D-Western Springs) to expand protections for survivors of human trafficking.

“Violent crime survivors undergo substantial emotional and mental trauma,” Glowiak Hilton said. “By adding human trafficking to the list of crimes protected by the ACP, we’re offering survivors some peace of mind that their sensitive personal information is safe and protected against abusers.”

Glowiak Hilton’s measure strengthens the ACP managed by the Illinois Attorney General’s Office by allowing survivors of human trafficking to participate and keep their addresses private. The legislation also clarifies the process for ACP participants to register to vote.

Originally, the ACP was established to protect the locations of domestic violence survivors. Last year, Glowiak Hilton passed a law expanding protections for survivors of sexual assault and stalking, and she has now advanced Senate Bill 593 to allow human trafficking survivors to opt in as well.

Currently, the ACP provides survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking and their household members with a substitute address to use in place of their actual home, school and work addresses in public records. This helps survivors prevent their former abusers from being able to locate them.

For example, the ACP substitute address can be used by participants when creating or updating public records, such as driver’s license or state-issued identification card.

“Expanding the ACP is an integral part of a safety plan for survivors to feel protected in their communities,” Glowiak Hilton said. “This proposal works to ensure survivors have a sense of security to allow them to heal without fear of retaliation from their abusers.”

Senate Bill 593 passed the Senate and now heads to the House for further consideration.

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franck DoWZMPZ M9s unsplashSPRINGFIELD – To protect residents from being misled by phone scams, State Senator Suzy Glowiak Hilton (D-Western Springs) has advanced a bipartisan initiative out of the Senate to outlaw scam call operators from disguising their identity by having a false telephone number show up on caller ID.  

“As more aspects of our lives become digital, scammers use deceitful tricks to persuade residents into giving them personal information,” Glowiak Hilton said. “By prohibiting automated solicitors from falsifying caller ID, we can help protect residents from falling victim to telephone scams.”

In Illinois, the Telephone Solicitations Act requires a live operator to state his or her name, the organization they are representing, and the purpose for the call. The law also prohibits a solicitor from manipulating caller ID, commonly known as spoofing. However, current state law does not address when the caller is not a live operator.

To protect consumers, Glowiak Hilton’s initiative requires the operator of any soliciting telephone call to immediately state the affiliated business and the purpose of the call, and to confirm consent from the receiver.

“Deceitful business practices like spoofing are wrong and must be outlawed,” Glowiak Hilton said. “Call authentication is critical for protecting consumers against scammers who mask their identity and intentionally seek to defraud vulnerable residents.”

Senate Bill 2225 passed the Senate and moves for further deliberation in the House.

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04212021HAO0102SPRINGFIELD – To ensure students experiencing homelessness are aware of available resources, State Senator Suzy Glowiak Hilton (D-Western Springs) advanced a bipartisan initiative out of the Senate to require higher education institutions to designate one employee to serve as a housing insecurity liaison.

“Oftentimes students without permanent housing are not aware of the resources available to them on campus and in their communities,” Glowiak Hilton said. “By creating a housing insecurity liaison, we are working to prevent homeless students from falling through the cracks by connecting them with aid.”

A study by the University of Chicago found that 4.2 million youth and young adults experienced homelessness during a 12-month period, and that nearly 29% of all young adults who experienced homelessness were enrolled in college or another educational program at the time.

Glowiak Hilton’s legislation requires each institution to appoint a Housing and Opportunities Useful for Students' Excellence (HOUSE) liaison. Their responsibilities would include identifying appropriate services, understanding aid eligibility, tracking graduation and retention rates, reporting the number of students using homelessness resources, and developing a plan to provide access to on-campus housing between academic breaks to homeless students enrolled at the institution.

Under the legislation, higher education institutions would also be required to provide information about available services and assistance regarding homelessness in financial aid and admission packets, as well as on the institution's website.

“Stable housing is foundational to academic and social success,” Glowiak Hilton said. “Creating this position is one step toward combatting homelessness for students and ensuring they have access to better opportunities.”

Senate Bill 190 passed the Senate and moves for further consideration in the House.

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indexVILLA PARK –State Senators Tom Cullerton (D-Villa Park) and Suzy Glowiak Hilton (D-Western Springs) are excited to see incoming improvements to roads and bridges in their communities after last week’s announcement from the Illinois Department of Transportation regarding funding for infrastructure investments in DuPage County.  The projects come as a part of the bipartisan Rebuild Illinois capital program.

“As we look to address Illinois’ aging infrastructure, I am happy to see our community set to receive the investments needed to improve our roads and bridges,” said Cullerton, who sits on the Senate Committee on Transportation. “For people in our community, or even those who are just driving through, better roads make travel safer and more efficient.”

The projects in DuPage County include:

  • Interstate 55 at Madison Street: Deck overlay and bridge repairs scheduled to begin this summer and be completed in late 2023.
  • I-55 at Lemont Road: Existing bridge replacement with a wider bridge and interstate reconstruction to accommodate the wider bridge to begin this summer and be completed in fall 2023.
  • Illinois 83 (Kingery Highway) from Third Avenue to Illinois 171 (Archer Avenue): Ongoing project to modernize traffic signals, install rumble strips, repaint pavement markings and replace sections of guardrail started in summer 2020 and anticipated to be completed this summer.

The Rebuild Illinois capital program is investing $33.2 billion into the state’s aging transportation system, creating jobs and promoting economic growth. It is the largest capital program in Illinois history and touches all sectors of Illinois transportation.

“By upgrading infrastructure in DuPage County, our state is committed to improving safety, fulfilling transportation needs and creating economic opportunities,” Glowiak Hilton said. “Residents, motorists and visitors will benefit from these investments for many years to come.”

For a map of the projects in DuPage County, visit here. Find traffic and road conditions at http://www.gettingaroundillinois.com/

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